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Smart Waste Management

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Optimized waste management

90 percent of waste is collected too early, or too late. It costs extra to both, us and our environment. This is the reason why we created Jaete, to set a new standard for waste collection.

Products & Services

Jaete sensor – a smart way to measure surface

Jaete sensor measures the surface of the waste in a waste bin or septic tank. It is an IoT device utilizing radar technology that withstands frost and moisture and requires no maintenance. Sensor updates and settings are conveniently made via the cloud.

Jaete sensor with transparent background


Oulu is the capital of Smart waste management in Finland

55% of Oulu’s housing companies already use smart waste management. Thanks to data, we have optimized not just the routes but the number, type and size of waste bins. Now we make 20% less collections and can serve more clients with the same resources.

Mikko Hauru, CEO of Haurun Jäteauto Ltd.

Mikko Hauru points at Jaete sensor

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