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Wastebook sets a new standard for waste collection. We wanted to allow everyone, from households to larger operators, to save environment, money and time. Our aim is to have the waste collected precisely when it needs to, eliminating the overflowing waste bins and empty runs for good.

During the course of the year, the need for waste management can vary a lot due to holidays, purchases or festivities. On a busy day, a waste bin can be filled in a day, sometimes one collection a month is enough.

Wastebook has made waste management timely with cloud and IoT technology. Jaete is a sensor measuring waste container surface. It is attached to the lid of a waste container or septic tank. The sensor sends information about the fill level to the Wastebook Jaete cloud and enables waste collection when the container is full. The system also produces accurate waste data for future insights and to be used for decision-making and responsibility reporting.

Thanks to our cloud service and API, waste service providers can optimize their operations and reduce costs and environmental impact.

Jaete sensor with transparent background
Jaete sensor in a close-up

Jaete sensor – a smart way to measure surface

Jaete sensor accurately measures any waste level and its properties, while blending smoothly to the environment around it. The design is modern, elegant, functional – energy-efficient, completely wireless, and ready with software.

Unlike other waste level measuring sensors based on laser or ultrasound technology, Jaete sensor uses radar and doesn’t require maintenance nor cleaning.

Jaete Design casing seals in all the sensors – object distance, ambient temperature, and orientation, making the device robust and waterproof.

Smart power control, based on DTLS protocol, enables longer than usual operating times, by default over 5 years with single set of batteries.

Jaete sensor don’t require a separate gateway. The device is connected to the internet via 4G-NB-IoT.

Sensor technical specs in english

Sensor updates & data transfer with cloud service

Wastebook Cloud allows for an energy-efficient, modular, and easy-to-use way of connecting IoT Devices to the internet and enabling a two-way data forwarding to other cloud services. The cloud is quick to set up and can be tailored to suit your needs at ease.

  • Energy-efficient: Device measurement sample rates, transmission rates and timing may be optimized directly from the Cloud.
  • Intuitive: Easy-to-use web and mobile versions: allows the completely remote mass over-the-air configuration, management and updates for Jaete sensors.
  •  Modular: Seamless two-way integration to transfer data to any outer Cloud systems via API interface.
  • Set a threshold to receive a custom alert via text message or email if a device surpasses or is about to surpass a quantity threshold.
Wastebook cloud view of Oulu
Jaete IoT app in a mobile phone

Order bin collection and track waste data with Wastebook apps

Order a waste collection with a push of a button

It doesn’t get any easier than this: push one button for waste collection. Smart Waste Bin mobile application can be used to order a waste collection when the bin is full or if you want to empty it before holidays or festivities.

The app is free and can be downloaded from the AppStore and Google Play Store.

Track waste data with a Jaete IoT

With Wastebook’s Jaete IoT app you can track the fill level and waste accumulations of your waste bin.Easy and simple to use. The app shows waste bin’s daily average  of fill level and temperature.

Jaete IoT is a free app. You can download it from AppStore and Google Play Store.

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Cloud data graphs

Data for optimization & future insights

What is the right number of waste bins? How many containers per waste type would be the best solution? Reasonable decision-making is hardly based on impressions but on data and information.

Wastebook’s sensors continuously generate waste data. To get most out of data is to integrate hauler companies’ ERP and route optimization systems into Wastebook cloud through an API. The information about collections goes straight to the driver.

Waste data is crucial to optimize container types and quantities. The data reveals trends and the recycling rates. Filtered and packed in a monthly or yearly waste report, the data can be used in Corporate Responsibility Communication to customers and stakeholders.

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